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Pastor Nathan Johnson

Pastor Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson, D.D., Senior Pastor, Tabernacle MBC

Effective September 1, 2004, Pastor Nathan Johnson, the former Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, accepted the call as Senior Pastor of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan.

Pastor Johnson’s service in ministry exceeds thirty-three years. He served as Christian Education Director at Cathedral Faith Baptist Church in Dallas, Pastor Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Cedar Lane, Texas from 1986-1988, and Pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church in Galveston from 1988-1991, and Antioch Baptist Church in Houston, Texas from 1991 until 2004. He is a man of excellence endowed with a vision and empowered to tell God’s Message.  Pastor Johnson challenges his members to be steadfast and serious about the work of the kingdom.

His educational experience includes a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southwestern University in Music and Education. He has studied Expository Preaching at the Stephen Oxford Institute for Expository Preaching and the WHW Conference on Expository Preaching. He taught for five years in the public school system in Dallas. Pastor Johnson is the recipient of an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Saint Thomas Christian College and Seminary and an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from the Tennessee School of Religion.

Pastor Johnson’s work and wisdom extend beyond the walls of the church. He serves the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. as the Vice -president for the Mid-West Region and as a Lecturer.  Pastor Johnson serves as President of the Wolverine State Missionary Baptist Convention and the Moderator of the Metropolitan Baptist District Association. He also serves on the Advisory Board at Moody Theological Seminary of Michigan. Pastor Johnson has preached in South Africa, Haiti, Ethiopia, the Bahamas and in Jerusalem. He is also in demand and receives many requests to preach citywide and church revivals and to speak at numerous conferences and civic functions. Through the proclamation of the Word, Pastor Johnson helps others to examine their lives and to strive to live by God’s Word. He has brought new souls to Christ and has helped others to recommit their lives to God.

Serious and sincere, calm and compassionate, prayerful and persistent, tough and tender, unique and unifying, insightful and inspiring are all terms that may be used to describe Pastor Nathan Johnson. More than anything else, Pastor Johnson is a preacher of an uncompromising gospel. He gladly shares the “Good News,” that Christ is alive and the Lord and Savior of all.

Pastor Johnson & his wife Sister Michelle are the proud parents of four children, Bridgette (Samba), Zachariah, (Shakita) Nathaniel, & Elizabeth.