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Deacons Groups

DEACON’S GROUPS – small subgroups of the entire congregation, headed by a Deacon (s) for worship, study, fellowship and support, especially in times of illness and bereavement.  The deacon is the pastor’s chief representative and charged with the responsibility of keeping in contact with the members of his group.  Each member is assigned to a group upon joining the Church and should participate in your group’s activities.

Group #1

Deacon Jerry Moses

Deacon Robert Files

Group #2 & 16

Deacon Duval Evans

Deacon John Crew, Jr.

Group #4

Deacon Emanuel  Haley

Deacon Charles Green

Deacon Danton Wilson

Group  6 & 23

Deacon Redus Hale

Deacon Samuel Johnson

Group 7

Deacon Ulysses Hunter

Deacon Daryl Thomas

Deacon John Bracey

Group 10 & 21

Deacon Robert Brown

Deacon Lomas Shaw

Deacon Gregory Pearson

Group 12

Deacon Troy Robertson

Deacon James McDonald, III

Deacon Randy Jackson

Group 15

Deacon Theron Harley

Group 18

Deacon Franklin Adams

Deacon James Sarter

Group 24

Deacon Isaac Washington

Deacon Robert Clarke

Group 25

Deacon James Martin

Deacon Kenneth Hubbard


Group 19, 26 & 28

Deacon Delbert Fails

Deacon Rickey Gibson

Deacon James Beasley

Group 29

Deacon Robert Friday