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Dear Tabernacle Family Member,

You may decide to affiliate with an interest group or ministry. In addition, you will be assigned to a Deacon’s Group. These groups are organized for acquaintance with the membership for fellowship, study, prayer, and devotion. The Deacon is the Pastor’s chief representative and is charged with the responsibility of maintaining contact with those church members who are in his group. It is important that you join a Deacon’s Group and attend meetings regularly. You will find that they will help you become acquainted with your Church – what it stands for and what it is doing – in the shortest length of time.

Be very much assured that the Lord has begun a good work in you. You have accepted the responsibility to spiritually grow and develop, until the day of Jesus Christ. Therefore, for those who are His disciples indeed, the truth He teaches must be evidenced in everything we do and say. The sharing and caring ministry of the group affords many opportunities for such growth. Group members have discovered that the group setting is a place:

  • Where Disciples Can Learn and Grow
  • Where Mature Attitudes Can Be Developed
  • Where We Can Learn To Build Up One Another
  • Where Friendships Can Grow Into Precious Fellowships
  • Where Bible Lessons Can Be Learned and Applied
  • Where “Hurts” Can Be “Healed”
  • Where Agape Love Can Be Demonstrated
  • Where There Is Great Opportunity To Obey The New Commandment

A Deacon will contact you to extend an invitation for you to attend a group fellowship meeting. However, it is absolutely your decision to join a Deacon’s group of your preference. The Deacon’s commitment is to assist you as you continue your Christian walk and spiritual development in Christ at Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church. If you have any questions concerning Deacon Group assignments, please contact: 

Deacon Jerry Moses, Church Clerk, (313) 898-3325

Group #1

Deacon Jerry Moses


Group #2 & 16 – Pleasant Sunday Hour

Deacon Duval Evans


Group #4 & 25 – Gleaners

Deacon Kenneth Hubbard

Deacon Emanuel  Haley

Deacon Charles Green

Deacon Danton Wilson


Group  #6 & 23

Deacon Toby Gallant


Group #7 – Up & Doing

Deacon Ulysses Hunter

Deacon Daryl Thomas

Deacon John Bracey

Deacon Walter Presley


Group #10 & 21 – Do What You Can

Deacon Robert Brown

Deacon Gregory Pearson


Group #12 – Peculiar Ones

Deacon Troy Robertson

Deacon Delbert Fails

Deacon Stephen Iposu


Group #15 – Good Effort

Deacon Charles Grace


Group #18 – Love

Deacon Franklin Adams

Deacon James Sarter


Group #19, 26 & 28

Deacon Rickey Gibson

Deacon James Beasley


Group #24 – Count On Me

Deacon Isaac Washington

Deacon Robert Clarke

Deacon Keith Tansil


Group 29 – Enjoyables

Deacon Robert Friday

Deacon Gary Pollard


We are excite for you to participate in these small subgroups of the entire congregation, headed by a Deacon (s) for worship, study, fellowship and support, especially in times of illness and bereavement.  The deacon is the pastor’s chief representative and charged with the responsibility of keeping in contact with the members of his group.  Each member is assigned to a group upon joining the Church and should participate in your group’s activities.


Updated January 2023 – Dea. Jerry Moses, Church Clerk