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EVANGELISM MINISTRY – trains and prepares witnesses to go out to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those that are lost.  They go door-to-door, do street witnessing, and participate in special events such as Claiming Our Jerusalem, Back to School Rally, and Thanksgiving outreach.


Street Witnessing Guidelines

Before Start of the Event

Street witnessing events may be organized and led by the Ministry Leader or any Team Captain who chooses to do so as long as other members of their teams are willing to participate.

To appropriately prepare for a Street Witnessing Event the Ministry or Team Captain must ensure that:

  1. The number of people participating in the event are all accounted for before the event begins.
  2. Each team has a sufficient supply of witnessing materials (tracks or handouts) for distribution to potential prospects.
  3. Each team is supplied with a sufficient quantity of Survey Forms to be used for collecting prospect information.
  4. All team members are thoroughly familiar with materials that will be distributed to converts prospects.
  5. The time and site for the event is pre-determined and a break-up and regroup location and time are agreed on.
  6. Team members are properly paired or grouped in threes before the start of the event . Preferably one male should be assigned to each group. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANYONE BE ASSIGNED TO WITNESS BY THEMSELVES.
  7. Prayer is offered before every event.
  8. Every team has at least one Bible between them (Do not carry a large study Bible).
  9. Each team identifies a Team Spokesperson and Scribe
  10. Each team has a least one fully charged cell-phone
  11. Individuals participating in the events comply with the following guidelines for personal conduct and deportment:

Appropriate dress for men/boys

  • Khaki (or other presentable) slacks
  • Proper shirt (can be short sleeved)
  • Closed toe shoes or clean sneakers

Appropriate dress for women/girls

  • Skirt/dresses/slacks
  • Proper shoes, sandals or sneakers
  • Stockings if the individual chooses

Inappropriate dress for men/boys

  • Shorts
  • Saggy Pants
  • Underwear showing
  • Athletic jerseys, t-shirts or gang colors

Inappropriate dress for women/girls

  • Flip-flops
  • Halters or tube tops
  • Cleavage showing
  • Shorts
  • Mini skirts
  • Exposed tattoos
  • Exposed underwear

During the Event


  1. Witnessing team members must stay together during the event.
  2. When approaching a home, group or individuals the Team Spokesperson should make the greeting and introduce the other team members to avoid “gang rushing” the prospect(s).
  3. The plan of salvation should be presented in a simple and understandable manner under the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Someone should maintain awareness of surroundings at all times and alert the team if danger emerges.
  5. No one is to enter a house by themselves
  6. Team members must not badger prospects but should graciously stop talking and leave when asked to do so.
  7. Prayer should always be offered for every prospect.
  8. Tracks and handouts should be left with each prospect to reinforce the gospel presentation.
  9. No witnessing materials are to be left in mailboxes because that is illegal under the law.
  10. Information collected during each encounter should be written down on the Survey Form by the designated team Scribe. Information collected should include prospects:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail address
  • Special Needs

After the Event

  1. All team members shall reassemble at the designated regroup location at the designated time.
  2. A count of team members should be conducted by the Ministry Leader and/or Team Leaders to ensure that everyone is safe and sound.
  3. The team shall return to the church or staging area.
  4. Each team should report what happened.
  5. All Tracking Sheets are to be turned in to the Ministry Leader or Team Captain and given to the Ministry Clerk for recording and distribution.
  6. Prayer and thanksgiving should be offered for the success of the event and Gods protection.
  7. Follow-up communication should be made with all prospects within one week.