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2021 Women & Girls’ Ministry Theme

“Living by Faith”

Now without faith it is impossible to please God, for the one who draws near to Him must believe that He exists and rewards those who seek Him. — Hebrews 11:6, HCSB

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The Purpose of the Women & Girls’ Ministry

The Women and Girl’s Ministry is a comprehensive program that will strengthen their relationship with Christ and with each other and provide information and opportunities to develop into a TAB Woman, “totally absolutely Biblical woman.”


To develop a comprehensive program for the Women and Girls of Tabernacle that will strengthen their relationship with Christ and each other and provide information and opportunities to develop into a “TAB” (Totally Absolutely Biblically) Woman.

As we pursue holiness, we believe the Gospel that JESUS was:

BORN, of the Virgin Mary
LIVED, 33 years
CRUCIFIED, on the Cross between 2 thieves
DIED, on the Cross on Calvary
BURIED, in a borrowed tomb
RESURRECTED, from the tomb and showed himself to the people
ASCENDED, to Heaven and is sitting on the right hand of the Father
And, He is COMING BACK, for the Church

Women & Girls’ Components


The younger sisters from 5-12 years of age meet once a month in addition to their time at Super Saturday. The meetings, activities, and service projects are designed a biblical foundation through life application while strengthening specific aspects of their spiritual, emotional, physical and social development. The ultimate goal is to assist girls in the process of growing in grace.


The focus of this group is learning, sharing ideas, fellowshipping, and being creative. They meet weekly to learn the newest techniques and the methods to create beautiful pieces for their families and others. Everyone is welcome.


The Women and Girls’ Etiquette Program is available to women and girls at every level. Our etiquette instructors are available to teach the principles of self-control and appropriate conduct, with skill in the social graces, and devotion to God.


The Saturday before the 4th Sunday, year round, women and girls participate in worship, breakfast, fellowship, and small group studies led by gifted teachers. These Bible study sessions are structured to help us understand our high calling as followers of Christ, in the home, in te work place and in the culture at large. There are sessions for our teen girls (ages 13 a 18) and our Gil’s growing in grace (ages 5 – 12) held at the same time. The Super Saturday Committee hosts the Brunch with Pastor each year to set the tone and agenda for our Women’s discipleship.


The mission for the Teen Girls is to provide intense discipleship, nurture the teens in the spirit of love, help the teens develop their relationship with the Lord, their parents and peers; and to develop a world view, to teach the girls to connect Christianity within everyday living and to design a retreat to help teens develop Christian values and moral standards.


Sisters retreat to a tranquil setting once every other year to study the scriptures, meditate, praise God, and be refreshed spiritually and physically. This is another opportunity for women to further explore what it means to be a Godly woman.

Contact Us

Please call the church at 313.898.3325 or email us at for more information about the Women and Girls’ Ministry.

Refer to your monthly newsletter and weekly Emphasis Sheet for announcements regarding the Women and Girls’ events  and meetings.

If you have special skills, training, expertise or natural abilities that you can share with our church family, please let us know. Our desire is for you to find your special walk in the Kingdom of God, to grow in your relationship with Christ and with your sisters here at Tabernacle.

We are engaged in service throughout the entire year and sincerely pray that you will join us soon to reap the joy and blessings that come from serving our Lord, Jesus Christ and sharing with others in His Church and in the world.

Sis. Mamie Humphrey, Coordinator
Sis. Leanelle Simmons, Asst. Coordinator