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2080 W. Grand Blvd.

9am-5pm — Office Closed on Saturdays & Sundays

Prayer Line      313.898.3349
Bookstore        313.899.8935
Fax                 313.898.7347

Nathan Johnson, D.D., Senior Pastor

Rev. Terry Robinson, Minister of Discipleship and Kingdom Expansion

James S. Sarter, Chairman, Board of Deacons

J. L. Westbrook, Chairman, Board of Trustees

Deacon Jerry Moses, Church Clerk

Sis. Deborah Folson, Church Treasurer

Sis. Tamesha Rouse, Events Coordinator

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Elyse, Church Office Secretary

Autumn Fellowship     313.898.3040

Tabernacle Center of Creative Compassion     313.898.3040

Rev. Samuel E. Spruill, Jail & Prison Ministry

Vacant, Evangelism Ministry