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Young Adult Ministry – Collegiate Calendar Project

06 Jul Posted by in Announcements | Comments Off on Young Adult Ministry – Collegiate Calendar Project

The Collegiates for Christ calendar is the Young Adults Ministry’s newest plan to bring together the young and the older members of the church. It is our hope that all members of Tabernacle can find common ground through sharing their college experience. Therefore, we are seeking participation from all members who attended college.


We are asking for all Tabernacle members who attended college to fill out a Collegiate Information Form (see any member of the Young Adult Ministry for the Form) including their name and the college he or she attended.  Each participant will put their completed form in a designated box located in the Cloak room.  The twelve schools that have the most participation amongst our members will get one month in the calendar for which all members who attend or attended said school will come together and take a school picture.


Proceeds from the Collegiates for Christ calendar will go towards the sending of care packages to members who are currently attending college or are in the armed services.