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Church in Fellowship, Study, and Prayer

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The Winter Session begins February 1, 2017! Register today.

Textbooks are available for purchase from the Tabernacle Bookstore. Call the church office for hours and to reserve your copy today. Come prepared for class!


1072 – Survey of the New Testament – Rev. Manuel Peace
Textbook: A Popular Survey of the New Testament, Gisler
Engage in a general overview of the divisions, time periods, places, events, people, and archaeology of the New Testament sections of the Bible.

6021 – Spiritual Formation – Rev. Patricia Mobley
Textbook: Invitation to a Journey, Mulholland
Enable people to mature in their Christian walks. Focus on a creative and dynamic approach to nurturing people from children to mature adults – to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Deliberate on what it means to be Christian.


7024 – Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts – Sis. Audrey McGresham
Textbook: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, Wagner
Help students to understand who God has uniquely made them to be. Work through a spiritual gift assessment that will help them to discover their spiritual gift(s). Their discovering their spiritual gift(s) will prepare them to move into a meaningful area of service where they best fit into the body of Christ.


7005 – Christian Evangelism – Rev. Miller Adams
Assistant Teachers: Sis. Germaine Knowles, Sis. Patti Powell, Sis. Jaye Powell, Bro. Ernest Purnell, Sis. Beatrice Wright
Textbook: The Master Plan of Evangelism, Coleman
Teach the basic steps in developing a program of evangelism. Discover the appropriate Scriptures to use, and the methods, techniques, and media best suited for witnessing to nonbelievers. Note: This course combines previous workshops – Beginner’s Evangelism, Conversational Evangelism, and Evangelism as a Lifestyle

7010 – Introduction to Discipleship – Rev. Terry Robinson
Assistant Teacher: Sis. Janice Robinson
Textbook: Will be available online only from the instructor
Introduce the believer to the biblical principle of discipleship. Examine the character traits of believers, while looking at the overall examples of Jesus. Study discipleship methods of Jesus and the difference between discipleship and membership. Note: This course combines previous workshops – Disciple Making, Disciple Maturing, Disciple Multiplying


2024 – Teaching Discipline to Our Children at Home and Church – Rev. Arthur Rushin
Assistant Teacher: Sis. Katina Rushin
Textbook: Effective Parenting, Ingram
Explore ways for church leaders, educators, and parents to help children learn. Parents are an intricate part of the teaching of Christ-like behavior for life.

4023 – Comparative Religions – Rev. Dr. Harriette Smiley
Textbook: World Religions & Cults, Bickel
This course is a survey of various religions. Students will study the basic tenets and principles of dominant religious practices in the world –  yesterday and today.


Old Testament – Rev. William Mebane & Rev. Debra Carter
Textbook: Survey of the Old Testament, Benware
This workshop focuses on the content of each of the Old Testament books, the historical events that give context to the books, and specific questions that help draw out the overarching principles contained in the Old Testament.

Faith Fundamentals – Disciple Virginia Winters & Sis. Darlene Tansil
Textbook: Fundamentals of the Faith, MacArthur
This workshop helps the believer understand the basic biblical truths about God, salvation, sin, the Holy Spirit, reconciliation, grace, and other doctrinal truths by examining the articles of faith and basic denominational beliefs.

True Fellowship – Sis. Katherine Walker & Sis. Sherrhonda Denice
Textbook: True Community, Bridges
This workshop explores the concept of Biblical Koinonia as it explores Christian relationships and interrelating within our church community.

Healing Damaged Emotions – Rev. Dr. Bill & Rev. Dr. Tracy Thompson
Textbook: Healing Damaged Emotions, Semands
This workshop, through the realistic, scriptural approach brings the student to healing–and then to become an agent of healing for other strugglers.

Search for Significance – Dr. Diane Courtney
Textbook: Search for Significance, McGee
This workshop, will help believers learn how to be free to enjoy Christ’s love while no longer basing their self-worth on their accomplishments on the opinions of others.

Children (ages 5-9) – Sis. Teresa Youngblood & Deacon Frank Adams

Children (ages 10-12) – Sis. Kim White & Disciple Duane Hill

Youth (ages 13-18) – Rev. Dennis Kitchen & Sis. Pearlanne Pollard