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Transition to Reopening

Greetings Tabernacle Family,

While we are excited about our return to corporate (in-person) worship, we are dedicated to waiting until we are prepared to welcome congregants into a safe and healthy worship environment.

We continue to wait on the Lord for direction as we prepare our edifice for worship. Our prime directive is to keep our congregation informed.  Included in the information below are guidelines from the CDC and the Michigan Health Department that we will adhere to until local and/or national requirements/guidelines change.

For the initial phases, only ministries directly involved with the Sunday Worship Service will be tasked with providing a ministry transition plan to the logistics team by September 30th.  Deacons assigned to these ministries will contact the leaders to initiate development of their transition plans. The individual ministry transition plans will be merged to develop the comprehensive TMBC Transition to Reopening – TMBC Reentry Plan. Those ministries are Pastoral Team, Deacons, Trustees (includes Security and Custodial), Media, Nurses and Ushers.

The following information needs to be provided to the Transition Team to ensure the development of a comprehensive plan:

  • Ministry name,
  • Contact (primary and alternate(s) name, number and email),
  • Critical resources needed (i.e. training, time, space, funds, etc.) and
  • A draft of a reentry plan for their ministry to document resources needed as well as the anticipated service responsibilities.

As we approach subsequent reentry phases, ministry leaders not involved with the Sunday Worship Service will be contacted by the assigned Deacon.


Reentry Notices/Information will be shared with the congregation in the following manner:

  • Church Newsletter, Announcements, Website, Mail, and Email
  • Pastoral Emphasis
  • Deacon’s group communication 
    • Wellness Checks via phone calls/emails to group members
    • Members not assigned will need to be assigned for purposes of continued/consistent communication

Once the Doors Open: 

We will follow CDC and State Guidelines as follows:

  • Worship will be limited to the sanctuary main floor 
  • Use signage and stanchions to clearly identify closed off areas 
  • Appropriate signage will be posted throughout the facility to encourage use of mask/sanitizer/gloves, etc. 
  • Sanitizer will be provided throughout the facility 
  • Temperatures will be taken at entry point(s)
  • We will use one main entrance to limit movement throughout the church 
  • The CDC 6 feet rule will be used for entry and seating (families living together can sit together)
  • Common gathering areas will be closed, until further notice, to minimize social interaction

Stay in prayer, stand strong and let us work together towards regaining our full ministering services … stay faithful! 

“Let all things be done decently and in order” (1 Corinthians 14:40).

Recommended Phases to Reopen

Phase Implementation timing is TBD

Sanitizing and preparing the church facilities for reopening according to CDC guidelines.

Participants: Pastor Johnson (or designated sermon preacher) and Media Ministry. In the event that conditions take an unexpected turn, plans return to “all virtual” will also be in place should the need present itself.

Participants: Pastor Johnson (or designated sermon preacher), Pulpit Ministers, Deacon Ministry Executive Team, Music Arts Ministry Representatives, Media Ministry and Security.

Participants: Pastor Johnson (or designated sermon preacher), Pulpit Ministers, Deacon Ministry Executive Team, On Duty Deacons, Music Arts Ministry, Media Ministry, Security, and Leadership Council Representatives.

Participants: Pastor Johnson (or designated sermon preacher), Pulpit Ministers, Deacon Ministry Executive Team, On Duty Deacons, Music Arts Ministry, Security, and an increase in the number of Member attendees.

Sunday Worship and Sunday Church School resumes on campus.

Reopening of all facility services.

Stay Informed:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention –

State of Michigan Coronavirus Information –

Member Survey Results

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Transition to Reopening Planning Team
Deacon’s Ministry Executive Team
Trustee’s Ministry Executive Team
Christian Education Ministry
Health Ministry
Logistics Team
Media Ministry
Nurses’ Ministry
Sunday Church School Ministry
Worship Arts Ministry

For additional questions please contact, Dea. Robert Friday <> or Dea. Toby Gallant <>.