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Cussin’ Mother

25 Jan Posted by in Mom2Mom | 1 comment

This morning, my husband and I got out of the car in front of the church and heard a loud exclamation containing the “F” word.  We were appalled to discover that these expletives were being directed toward a 4 year old by her young mother. This mother continued to cuss this baby all the way to Head Start.  My husband couldn’t take it any longer, so he checked her when she walked in front of us.  He responded “excuse me!”.  She responded that “I am a grown @$$ woman” to which he let her know that this Rev. did not welcome that language in front of this church.

What would you have done?  What should we have done?

  1. Nicole Spencer02-22-15

    I would’ve done the same thing, but also to remind her of verbal abuse she’s imposing on that child!

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