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Centennial Photo Session

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Centennial Photo Session

The Centennial Photography Sub-Committee is offering the service of capturing Individual/Family/Group images for the Centennial Commemorative Souvenir Booklet.  If you are planning to place an ad (with an image) in the Souvenir Booklet, we want to assist you. 

Click Here to Schedule Photo Session Appointment (Remote Site)

Click Here to download full Photo Session Informational Flyer

Photo Session Dates Reservation Start Date Reservation Cutoff Date
March 14 & 15 February 16 March 11
April 18 & 19 February 16 April 15
May 16 & 17 February 16 May 13

If you do not have access to the Tabernacle website
( central), you must contact the
Centennial Photography Sub-committee to plan for a photo session.  A representative for the Photography
Sub-committee will be in the cloak room on the 3rd Sundays in
February, March and April to facilitate photo session scheduling.

If the Photographer is unable to perform any of the duties for whatever
reason – including but not limited to, fire, transportation problems, acts of
God, accident, illness, or technical problems – a make-up session will be

Centennial Photo Session Checklist: Additional details
related to payment information, photo location/background and anticipated
number of people will be detailed in the Centennial Photo Session Checklist.  The checklist will be forwarded to the PoC,
after the photo session has been confirmed. 

Payment: The fees for the Photo Session and the Commemorative Booklet e-copy the
ad pricing fee.  If the Customer
wants an e-copy or printed copy for their personal use, the Photographer’s
pricing/order sheet will be made available.

1 Cor 14:40 – “Let all things be
done decently and in order.”