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Tabernacle family I wanted to share information that think can useful to talk to family members about vaccination. Many will gather during this upcoming holiday. I hope you review the infographics and the webinar produced by the NAACP to help you talk about COVID-19.  Unfortunately we are not done fighting this virus.  We cannot let our guard completely down.  We have seen how the variances has affected cases in Europe and Asia even here in the US in 6 months.  Now there a new even more dangerous than the others variances on the horizon.  Please be safe by having outdoor activities, face mask for those who are not vaccinated whether they are indoors or out.

If you have not been vaccinated and have some of under detected health issue like diabetes, asthma, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, COVID-19 can affect you worse than it would others. 

Once I was vaccinated a weight was lifted from my spirit.  I did my part and now God will do the rest.

Many have made up their minds that they will not get vaccinated, if one makes this choice please do it with your eyes open.  Talk to your primary care physician about your risk factors.

Have loved ones read the information and listen to the webinar.  Please don’t go by here say, get the facts.  A lie can never be the truth.

If there is specific information you require let me know I will seek it out for you.  I have loss family and friends during due to this pandemic, as many of you have.  This is a fight for our lives as we know it.

If you want to know how to have someone come to you home and vaccinate you or family member there is information available for that.  At the end of the day we must do what we think is in our own best interest.

My prayer is that you be safe and stay well.

Sister Voncile Brown-Miller, Health Ministry Chair

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