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What is Truth?

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Sept 17-21,2018 ::: Registration available onsite. Sis. Irma Wise & Rev. Dr. Kimberly Elyse, Co-Deans
Books available in the Tabernacle Bookstore

Downloadable Flyer

Certificate of Progress Program Textbooks Available in the Tabernacle Bookstore

1004 – Effective Bible Reading – Textbook: How to Study & Teach the Bible by Scruggs
1075 – The Synoptic Gospels – Textbook: The Synoptic Gospels: An Introduction by Keith Nickle
2015 – Foundation of Christian Ethics – Textbook: Christian Ethics: Contemporary Issues and Options by Giesler
8035 – The African-American Church and Social Justice – Textbook: To Serve This Present Age by Ayers & Williams
9024 – The Computer in the Life of the Church – Textbook: The iChurch Method v3 by Caston

Lecture Series Available to All Students Nightly

Classes are OPEN to everyone!


Children & Youth Classes Available
Sis. Kim White & Rev. Dennis Kitchen


Register onsite as a student to receive credit towards the Certificate of Progress Program – Diploma of Christian Education from the Sunday School Publishing Board. Students must attend Monday – Friday to receive a completion card. Contact Sis. Irma Wise or  Dr. Kimberly Elyse at 313-898-3325 for more information.